2013-2014 The Torch Staff

Kieran Lynch


Contact: torcheic@gmail.com. Two years ago, when I was the Sports Editor, Kieran was the first person to express interest in writing sports for the Torch. He’s been taking initiative like that ever since. Since that time, he’s... 

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Mitchell Petit-Frere

Managing Editor

Contact: torch.managing@gmail.com. Mitch likes Cristiano Ronaldo. Other than that, he’s been a great Sports Editor the past year. Mitch came in as the biggest question mark, with only half a year of experience as a staff writer... 

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Kyle Fitzgerald

Online Editor

Kyle is like a quiet assassin. He doesn’t say much, but he always leaves an indelible mark. As a first semester freshman last fall, Kyle walked bravely into the Torch office and told me that he was interested in writing. Ever... 

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Jon Perez

Sports Editor

Contact: torchsports@gmail.com. Torch Sports will be hit with a heavy dose of enthusiasm as Jon takes over as Sports Editor. He’ll be making the transition from radio to print, as he’s been heavily involved with WSJU Radio... 

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Christopher Brito

News Editor

Contact: torchnews@gmail.com. Since day one, Chris has been willing to sit down and learn the tricks and tools necessary to carry out this job. He has been dedicated, not only to reporting and writing on his own stories, but... 

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Shannon Luibrand

Features Editor

Contact: torchfeatures@gmail.com. Since Shannon first entered the Torch office, she has shown a willingness to take on whatever story was thrown her way. Whether it was news or features, she displayed a tenacity rarely seen among... 

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Samantha Albanese

Entertainment Editor

Contact: torchent@gmail.com Few have impressed me more in terms of improvement and dedication than Samantha Albanese. The fact that she is assuming the role of entertainment editor as a sophomore is an even more impressive feat.... 

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Diana Colapietro

Photo Editor

Contact: torchphoto@gmail.com.

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Natalie Hallak

Chief Copy Editor

Contact: torchcopydesk@gmail.com.

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Diamond Watts-Walker

Art Director

Last year, the outgoing Art Director called Diamond “pure SWAG,” and it’s hard to argue with that. Her consistently impressive comics and illustrations keep the Torch fresh and fun every week. But her artistic talents are... 

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