The Torch

An Interview of Honorable Mention

Kristen Farmer, Contributing Writer and Kristen Farmer, Contributing Writer

November 17, 2009

Inferno had the opportunity to sit down with the band before their performance. We got to speak to them about their beginning as a band, their new music video, and about life on the road.Inferno: How'd you guys get your start ...

Taking it to the web

ANURADHA BYAGARI, Contributing Writer

September 22, 2009

In traditional success story fashion, it all started out with a goal: the executive board and general members of St. John University's home radio station WSJU wanted to be heard by a larger audience and to reach more people. Li...

Bridging the gap with service

Contributing Writer, CAROLYN WARGULA and CAROLYN WARGULA, Contributing Writer

September 22, 2009

In the northeast Queens area alone, there are thousands of homebound senior citizens who lack contact with the outside world. They are often forgotten by the community and have little interaction with others.That is why Chris S...

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Nulla facilisi

May 6, 2009

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When the TORCH was Lit

Sabrina Polidoro, Photography Editor

April 23, 2002

The flames of the TORCH have been burning bright for the last 80 years, and they show no signs of stopping. The TORCH, the official student newspaper of St. John's University, was first published in 1925 at the Lewis Avenue...

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