Alessia Cara shows her wild side in new single

Kadijah Porter, Contributing Writer

Pop R&B newbie Alessia Cara has followed her summer hit “Here” with her new single “Wild Things.” The song from her upcoming debut album “Know-It-All” continues to reveal the inner rebel fans know Cara to be.

Wild Things is an upbeat rebellion tune. In the song, Cara sings about going against the grain and fighting the norm.  Her lyrics encourage those who don’t fit in with the so-called cool kids to come sit with her and to be themselves despite what others think. The high school themed tune shows that Cara is unapologetically different and proud. Alessia’s differences from her peers empower her to start a movement within the most socially divided arena in all school: the cafeteria.

Cara has described herself as one who’s better off alone (in her Hot 97 interview with Ebro and Laura Stylez) so “Wild Things” comes as no surprise to her growing fan base.  

We see Cara’s rebellion with lyrics like, “ Bow your head they’re pious here, but you and I, we’re pioneers. We make our own rules, our own room, no bias here. Let them sell what they are selling, there are no buyers here.”

The rest of the tune continues with the similar the similar idea of sticking to the masses lyrics. “I’d rather be a wild one instead,” boasts Cara. “Don’t wanna hang around the in-crowd, the cool kids. I’m cool to me, they’re not cooler than we are.”

The song title and theme might be a possible reference to Maurice Sendak’s popular children’s book “Where The Wild Things Are”. In the chorus, Cara sings, “Find me where the wild things are” referring to the story’s main character, Max, discovering a foreign land in his bedroom after being sent to bed with no supper. The land is full of wild beast-like creatures – the “Wild Things,” who then crown him king after he scares them with his wolf impressions. Cara in the song is like Max, the leader of the social outcasts who are like the wild beasts in the book, feared for their differences and misunderstood for the same reason. Cara accepts and welcomes the social outcasts with open arms.

The nineteen-year-old Canadian vocalist is sending waves throughout the music industry, getting thumbs up from artist like Drake and Taylor Swift. Cara landed a deal with major recording label, Def Jam, after being discovered on YouTube where she did acoustic covers to pop hits including Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”

Cara’s EP “Four Pink Walls” will be followed by the release of her debut album “Know-It-All.” “Wild Things is the debut single off the upcoming album. We should expect to hear more personal tunes about teenage rebellion and other discoveries on Cara’s debut project.