A treat for theatergoers: ‘MusicalSplaining’ podcast review


Hosts of “MusicalSplaining” podcast, Lindsey Ellis and Kaveh Taherian discuss “Cats,” in an animatic of their podcasts first episode. PHOTO COURTESY/YOUTUBE THE ENDHERO STUDIOS

From the moment that the COVID-19 pandemic graced the stage of 2020, it seems that every part of our culture has taken its final bow. No one can say they feel this way more than Broadway actors. At the start of the year, Broadway – the infamous New York City street and home of the Broadway Theatre, considered by some to be the musical capital of the world – was one of the greatest hit entertainment hubs. Shows that depended on the revenue from the millions of seats filled every night were forced to release pro shots, or film their live shows for audiences to watch at home, and even close down production. 

The absence of Broadway entertainment also meant a pause in theater-going culture, forcing

millions of theater heads around the world to look aimlessly for musical content from

wherever they could. The answer for the musical drought, as surprising as it may be, might just be a click away.

In February of 2020, “MusicalSplaining: The Podcast” became an overnight sensation in the musical community for its comedic insight into a variety of Broadway shows. The show is co-hosted by New York Times bestselling author and Youtuber, Lindsey Ellis and comic illustrator Kaveh Taherian as they tackle the wacky world of musical theater. 

The podcast, which airs every two weeks, revolves around Ellis trying to get her co-host Tahrian to fall in love with musicals, despite his deep hatred of them. The podcast has already covered shows like “Hamilton” and “Cats,” with hilarious episodes sprinkled in featuring wonderful discussions of plot, themes and production. With the addition of hilarious guests each week, each episode brings the feeling of going out to see a show with friends right to your very home.

It is unfortunate that COVID-19 has taken a lot away from the musical community, but if

you are dying for comedic content, whether you like musicals or not, “MusicalSplaining” might be what you have been looking for. Over 13 episodes of this podcast are available to stream now on most major podcast platforms such as Spotify, Stitcher and iTunes.