Last Train To Paris review

Diddy has finally shown the world the new sound of R&B, changing the rules as he teams up with Dawn Richards from ex-girl group Danity Kane and singer/songwriter Kaleena to form Dirty Money. With the release of their latest album Last Train To Paris, Dirty Money gives listeners the ultimate package and successfully delivers. 

With collaborations featuring veteran artists such as Chris Brown, Usher, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz and even Justin Timberlake, audiences can expect a very diverse and unique album. The lead hit single, “Hello, Good Morning” sets the tone for the highly anticipated album with an upbeat song that is perfect to start the day with.

Known for backing up his self-created hype, Diddy gives fans tracks such as “Ass On The Floorand “Yeah Yeah You Would,” marrying club banger beats with sentimental lyrics to create songs that are hard to ignore. Powerhouse producer Swizz Beats joins Dirty Money on several tracks, providing insane beats to rock out to. 

However, LTTP shows Diddy’s softer side with “Loving You No More,” as he joins Dawn and Kaleena, singing about heartbreak. Make no mistake, Diddy is an empowering artist (especially on Twitter), and anyone who listens to the song “Someone to Love Me” is guaranteed to feel encouraged and optimistic about love. Other songs like “Yesterday” and “I Hate That You Love Me” make pain sound so good.

Despite the haters, music lovers can agree that Diddy crossed borders and transcended expectations with LTTP. Be prepared when you board the Last Train to Parisfor it only marks the beginning of the journey Diddy intends to take his fans on.