Romance Never Looked So Good: No Strings Attached Must-see film for commitment-phobes and relationsh

After seeing No Strings Attached the question on everyone’s mind is “Can best friends just have sex?” Directed by Ivan Reithman, No Strings Attached is the romantic comedy of the season.With laughter and romance, Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher have good chemistry together.

Throughout the film, Kutcher and Portman deliver a convincing portrayal of two friends who get caught up in a game made and played by their own rules. Adam (Kutcher) first met Emma

(Portman) when they were children at summer camp. After reuniting years later, they soon become best friends. One night they end up sleeping together, turning one frisky encounter into a “friends with benefits” relationship with one important rule: no falling in love.

Both characters bring an emotional balance that is entertaining to watch. Adam is a romantic but has his heart broken after ex-girlfriend Vanessa (Ophelia Lovibond) starts dating his famous dad (Kevin Kline). Emma is a skeptic and finds the notion of emotional love to be irrational. However, she still enjoys sex and since she doesn’t have the time or desire to be involved with someone, she bares it all for Kutcher. As likable as Kutcher’s character is in the film, it’s Portman who unsurprisingly steals the show. With the timely release of Oscar nominations, fans and critics alike are curious to see if Portman will win the Oscar for “Best Actress” this year, for her role in Black Swan.

No Strings Attacheddoesn’t stray far from your classic romantic comedy. However, the rapport between Portman and Kutcher is what makes it unique. The supporting cast gives audiences more to laugh about with appearances from Kline, Lake Bell, Mindy Kaling, Greta Gerwig, Jake Johnson and Chris Bridges, otherwise known as rapper Ludacris. Some caveats include dull stretches of scenes that are a bit cliché. Although the main characters try to avoid a romantic entanglement, it is obvious that there are feelings behind their actions, like Adam making a mix CD for Emma when she’s on her period. 

This film offers a refreshing perspective on the kind of relationship many can relate to. With an A-list cast and Valentine’s Day less than a month away, No Strings Attachedis the ideal movie for a date night.