SJU Seniors: The Torch Wants to Hear From You

Though the end of the 2019-20 school year was unprecedented, the Torch wants to honor graduating St. John’s University seniors in a senior tribute. 

Whether you graduated in Fall 2019 or will be graduating in just a few short days in Spring 2020, we want to hear your stories. 

Seniors — tell us about the best experience you have had at St. John’s, the memories you will never forget or the story about someone you are glad you crossed paths with during your time at SJU. 

Tell us what you are going to miss, what you felt was the best part of your college experience or what you wish you had the chance to do this semester.

Tell us about how it felt stepping on campus for the first time, and how you imagined your last steps on the Great Lawn would be. How about that professor that changed your college experience?

 Pretty much anything you are willing to share in a reflection about your time at SJU, we would love to hear and share in our senior tribute. 

We would also appreciate any photos you are willing to share to accompany your story as well, the more you can provide us with, the better! 

If you are interested in commemorating your SJU experience, please click here to submit your senior stories