An Interview of Honorable Mention

Inferno had the opportunity to sit down with the band before their performance. We got to speak to them about their beginning as a band, their new music video, and about life on the road.

Inferno: How’d you guys get your start as a band? ?
Jason: Me and Michael met in high school, in art class, actually. We started playing music, having bands through high school and college. We met Andy and Alex through friends of friends, and started the band. It’s been a little over two years.

Inferno: Describe your sound to someone who’s never heard of you before. ?
Michael: The sound is definitely like upbeat, funky rock music. Falling somewhere stylistically between Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake.

Inferno: What would you tell a college student to get them to listen to your music?
Michael: It’s the party CD to have. It’s just funky, like I said before. You can put it on and you don’t have to skip a song. You can rock out, you can dance, you can slow dance. It’s got a full range of emotions. So for a college student, it’s one of those CDs you can just pop it in and do your thing.

Inferno: Has living in New York influenced your music? ?
Alexander: I think it’s just life in general. At different points in your life, you’re going through different things, dealing with different emotions. Whether it’s living in different places, we’ve had the opportunity to live in New York and L.A., and we’ve been on tour for the last five months. As just an artist in general, you have so much to draw upon. You have a well of things you’ve gone through, to draw upon.

Inferno: What’s it like being on tour? ?
Alexander: Incredible. ?
Andrew: It’s really quite fun. ?
Michael: It’s like having the best day over and over and over again. You know, we love to play music. So getting to play concerts every night is completely a dream come true.

Inferno: So what’s your favorite place to play, other than New York or L.A., since you lived there? ?
Michael: It’s all good. It sounds really cliché.?
Andrew: It’s really all about the fans. The fans, we’ve noticed, everywhere are incredible. Whether it’s a crowd of 100 people or a crowd of 1,000 people, the fan response is so overwhelmingly positive it’s hard not to have a good time. And we get to see the charm of every city, every city has its own nooks and crannies.

Inferno: What’s your favorite song to
play live? ?
Jason: I think “Two Rebels” is a song that we all really love. It’s a fun, fan favorite song, that gets everyone going early on in the set. It’s high energy and everyone’s rocking out, dancing.

Inferno: So you guys just came out with a music video for the song “Over You”? What’s the music video about?
Andrew: The music video is set on a train. We wanted to carry over the album artwork theme to the video. The album was shot infront of a train station, at a train station. The video is sort of a cat and mouse chase, Where Mike sees a girl get on the train and he’s trying to find her. He’s one step behind her, he keeps finding a different person, every time he taps someone on the shoulder, he thinks it’s her but it’s not. It all culminates at the end where it turns out to be a sort of dream sequence, you’re not sure whether it actually happened. So, we leave it up to the interpretation of the viewers to decide what it all means.
Alexander: And right now it’s on Myspace, on the home page. Everybody check it out, it’ll also be on our youtube page, which is

Inferno: Is there anything you’d like to add? ?
Alexander: We love our fans. ?
Michael: Pick up Fashionably Late, it’s available on iTunes and in stores everywhere. ?
Andrew: And call your local radio stations and have them play “Over You”. ?
Michael: And thank you, thank you, thank you, we could not do it without our fans, for sure.