School year kicks off with new schedule

St. John’s students have had a week to adjust to the new class schedule implemented by the University at the end of last year.

The altered schedule listed one hour and 25 minute classes on Mondays/Thursdays and Tuesdays/Fridays. Three hour classes meet primarily on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Last year, students and faculty openly expressed their frustration with the changes to the Torch and at an academic forum. The administration looked into their concerns, but ultimately decided that the new schedule would be upheld.

This past week, students and faculty returned to the campus and classes resumed.

After a few days, students were more than willing to express their feelings on how they feel the schedule worked for them.

Junior Bessie Thomas says that the new schedule leaves little time open outside of the classroom.

“I have five classes straight with no breaks in between,” she said  “All of my classes are one and half hours each, followed by a three hour lab. I get home too late to be able to maximize studying time.”

Gabriella Dickens, also a junior, believes the University should have devised a schedule that would have been more appealing to the community.  

“We should have the option of a Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday schedule,” she said. “That would have been more appealing to the student body, having Fridays off.”

However, there are some students who have made the best of the situation, including sophomore Nicholas Bongiovanni. He believes that “having class only two times a week with a day off in the middle makes things less stressful.”

Freshmen who are new to the school have also had a hard time getting used to the new schedule. Many are concerned that it will limit what activities they get involved in because of meetings and classes conflicting.

“This is my first year at St. John’s, but from what I’ve heard I prefer the old schedule because there would be a common hour everyday instead of only once a week, which would allow me to participate in more organizations,” said freshman Sanjana Reejsinghani. “As an incoming freshman I’d like to look into various organizations.”