Haitian Society hosts night to remember

The Haitian Society held a cultural discussion and film viewing of I Love You Anne in the D’Angelo Student Organization Lounge on Feb. 16.

Considered a classic by members of the Haitian society, the movie is about a young girl named Anne and how her dating relationships causes strain with her over-protective father.  Anne’s relationship with a Rastafarian with dreadlocks named Don Cato evokes a comical series of father-daughter interactions.

The Haitian Society chose the movie to provide viewers with a unique look into Haitian culture.

Many of the members of the Haitian Society shared their personal experiences about the earthquake before the screening began.

Robert Dubois, president of the Haitian Society described how his family was affected by the devastation of the earthquake.

“It was a bad experience,” he said. “My grandmother lost her house and some of my friends as well. Also, I lost some of my relatives to the earthquakes.”

Steve Sanon, director of Public Relations for the Haitian Society was in Haiti during the earthquake and saw the destruction firsthand.

“My dad owns a hotel and was building it during the time of the earthquakes, and before it could be completed, it was destroyed,” he said. “There were a lot of dead bodies lying around, people with missing legs and exposed skulls from the debris falling. It was a rough time for me, a lot of my family lost their property.”

Sanon said that the aid provided by the Red Cross was “really positive.”