Clown pranksters out of control

Nisha Busre, Contributing Writer

Recently, people dressed as creepy clowns have been showing up all throughout the United States. There have been reports of clown sightings in Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and even here in New York. Sightings have been reported in Manhattan, Long Island and Queens. These creepy clowns have lured kids into wooded areas and caused lockdowns in Long Island schools. Overall, they have put a lot of people on edge.

Even though it could be considered a disturbance of peace, dressing as a clown isn’t against the law. So far, there hasn’t been any serious harm caused, at least here in New York. However, it only takes one crazy person with bad intentions to put on a clown suit and hurt somebody. A young man in Pennsylvania was killed by someone dressed as a clown. In Texas, security footage caught a clown trying to break into someone’s house. A man who lives here in Queens called the police and reported a clown outside his home; the clown was making threatening gestures toward him with a knife. There haven’t been reports of clowns physically hurting anyone in New York, but they certainly haven’t been very well-behaved in other places around the country.

At first, most people thought the clowns were funny. Now, it feels like a horror movie come to life. I had a few laughs myself, but now I’m more afraid than anything. The first clown sighting I heard about was about a clown in the woods staring at people driving by, and I thought this was just a harmless joke to give people a spook. Soon after, I heard more about clowns with weapons. Some were even chasing people with bats. That got me a little afraid. I started being more aware of my surroundings. Before I get out of my car, I always look into all mirrors to make sure a clown won’t make a surprise attack. It sounds ridiculous, but it really is frightening to me. People dressing up as clowns and scaring people is just immature, and I’ve had enough. It started as a joke, but I think that the clowns are becoming increasingly dangerous, and they should be taken seriously by all.

Luckily, authorities are taking the clown reports seriously, and some of these clowns have been taken into custody for questioning. Hopefully, the creepy clowns will disperse after Halloween. I wouldn’t be too happy if I looked out my window on Christmas and saw a clown in my yard. Until then, watch your back and stay safe. It’s all fun and games until you spot a clown.