2020 Predictions: Biden is the Frontrunner

J.P. Devetori, Staff Writer

A year and a half away from the 2020 presidential election, the campaigns of many candidates are well under way. Since January, many Democrats have  announced their candidacy for President. Candidates include: Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Julián Castro, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, among others. Many  of these candidates are experienced politicians, ranging from a mayor to a former Vice President. Two of the candidates are “outsiders” in terms of politics: Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang. They are not strong candidates because political experience matters when running for public office. I also think that in order to run for any political office, you need to have a degree in either political science or law. President Donald Trump is the only “outsider” who has been elected president. President Trump has been campaigning for re-election, so many are questioning which Democratic contender will be able to defeat him in the primaries.

I have a short list of candidates who have great résumés to campaign against President Trump. I believe Biden, Booker, O’Rourke, Sanders and Warren have a better  chance than the other Democratic candidates. To condense the shortlist, I’d eliminate both Sanders and Warren. Sanders would be 79 if elected, and the party would most likely want someone younger. Warren can bring back the agenda Hillary Clinton had in 2016 but I believe we need more time before we have  a woman front-running candidate. Clinton’s 2016 campaign was hard-fought and if Warren goes all in with her upcoming campaign, I believe people would go back to the tensions between a female candidate and President Trump. There was so much bad blood in the 2016 election and it has the potential to arise again  if Warren is the frontrunner against President Trump. I did not pick Harris, Buttigieg and Gillibrand in my shortlist because even though they are popular candidates, they are not fit to be primary candidates for presidency.

My final shortlist is full of hardworking individuals. O’Rourke had a hard fought campaign against Ted Cruz for Senate and narrowly lost. For a state that tends to lean right, O’Rourke did an excellent job by utilizing social media and fundraising. He can do the same for his 2020 presidential campaign and can have a tight primary race against Biden and Booker. Booker on the other hand, is just as charismatic as O’Rourke. A former mayor, he helped change the city of Newark before becoming a senator by improving the impoverished areas and revitalizing the city.

Biden has more experience around the Oval Office than the other two candidates, and I believe he stands a good chance at defeating President Trump. Biden may be one of the oldest candidates, but his experience as a public servant and his devotion to America makes him the most worthy candidate to defeat President Trump.