Lights! Camera! Mase!

Anthony Mason Jr. – the most recognizable athlete at St. John’s University. Anthony Mason Jr. – son of NBA All-Star Forward Anthony Mason. Anthony Mason Jr. – Oscar-Winning Director?

Maybe. Just maybe.

While the 6-foot-7 Mason Jr.’s first love is basketball, he has a burning

passion to set up a different kind of “shot”.

“I’d like to work behind the camera as a director, telling people what to do,” said Mason Jr. “I think I’ve got a good eye and ear for it.”

If this revelation surprises you, you should know that Mason Jr., a fifth Year Communications Major, didn’t come to St. John’s knowing that he wanted to pursue a career in film. What was his primary focus during his freshman year back in 2005?

Marine Biology, of course.

“I love aqua life, and in high school I was big into science.” Mason Jr. said. To this day, he contends that his favoritechannel on TV isn’t ESPN, but the National Geographic Channel.

After his freshman year, Mason Jr. wanted to change his major to TV/Film. However TV/Film Majors are expected to spend numerous hours outside the classroom working on

projects, the kind of time that a basketball player cannot commit to. Instead, Mason Jr. pursued a Communications degree, which would give him as much exposure to film classes without conflicting with practices.

“I’ve got a lot of experience with editing, using [the film editing program] Final Cut, and even took an acting class.”

Mason doesn’t have his hopes completely set on directing movies, and might instead like to pursue a career directing music videos.

“I visualize a whole painting,” he said. Mason even has some pointed

criticism at some current music video directors. “I hate when the music video has nothing to do with the lyrics, and they try to give you some symbols or something.

I think the viewer would like it a lot better if they stuck to the lyrics and what was going on.”

Anthony brings his sense of humility into the classroom as well. “I don’t think he expected any special treatment in my class,” says Professor Jeffrey Weiser, Mason’s Radio Broadcast Journalism professor. “I’m glad to have gotten to know him, to tell you truthfully. He’s a pretty good kid.”

And if Mason realizes his dream of going pro, does that mean the end of his directing aspirations?

“Even if I make it to the NBA, I still want to pursue my directing career,” said Mason Jr. “Why waste a whole education? I’ve been in college for four years working on this, so, why waste it?”