Why cardio isn’t working and women shouldn’t be afraid to lift weights

Param Yonzon, Staff Writer

I used to run five to six miles every other day in high school. I used to be teased by many upperclassmen starting in the eighth grade. They kept telling me, “Weight room, kid! You need to hit it.”

Most of my soccer career, I’ve been told I was too skinny – even from the girls I dated. Fun fact: I once caught my 9th grade girlfriend texting her older sister about how she should break up with me because of how skinny I was. Embarrassing, right?

Running was my expression for my troubles. It was my hobby. I loved running.

There is nothing wrong with running to relieve stress and anxiety. Running can be a way people cope with certain things. Maybe that’s why Forrest Gump kept running. Running was the way he coped with not being able to be with Jenny.

However, the thing about running that I didn’t understand was why I didn’t have an amazing body. I did a steady state cardio almost every other day, and I still had about 18% body fat. Now with the knowledge I have, I understand that the steady state of cardio I was doing was probably my #1 fat loss killer.

If your goal is fat loss and building a more sculpted body, weight training should be the foundation to your routine. Yes, and you too, women!

Proper weight training will not make you big and bulky.

Well why should you weight train then?

Weight training allows you the chance to build muscle, which in return, will allow you to burn more fat.

“But Param, I see so many men who are so bulky and big and I’m scared that if I start weight training, I’ll be like that.”

First of all, one must understand that men and women do not build muscle the same way.

One reason why men and women gain or lose muscle in different rates is because of our testosterone levels. Men naturally have more testosterone, which will allow them to gain more muscle and at a faster rate. Women on the other hand, can stay leaner. This is why you see active women who weight train having leaner muscle mass and strength.

As a fitness trainer, I train women by having them lunge, squat, press, dip, deadlift and even curl. Iron-pumping sessions make your bodies look 100 times better than running ever will. Not only will your body on the outside look amazing, but it will feel amazing inside as well.

Lifting will lead to a better metabolism, make you feel stronger and maybe even give you confidence in other areas of your life. Endorphins are released and your brain becomes healthier in the process.

Lifting weights could change your life. I know it did for me.

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