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SJU’s Habitat Holds Fifth Annual Shack-a-Thon

Dayra Santana, Features Editor

April 17, 2019

Picture an eight-by-eight-foot wooden shack, scantily put together with a hammer, a saw and some nails. There are cracks in between each wooden panel where light pours through, but it has no windows, only a single doorway. There is just barely enough room to move, let alone lay down. Now picture liv...

Habitat is Happy for the “Habby” Award

Habitat is Happy for the “Habby” Award

Chyna Inez Davis, Staff Writer

September 13, 2017

Habitat NYC, the headquarters of Habitat for Humanity, announced on Aug. 17 that the University’s chapter would receive a Habby Award. According to Habitat NYC, the Habby Award recognizes “outstanding volunteers for their exceptional service.” Aitana Ruilova Castro, current president of...

Students sleep on Great Lawn to advocate the homeless

Students sleep on Great Lawn to advocate the homeless

Nickool Castro, Staff Writer

November 4, 2015

Habitat for Humanity Chapter and Catholic Relief Service (CRS) partnered up to host a “RED Sleep Out 2015” on Oct. 27. The event took place on the Great Lawn from Tuesday night until the following Wednesday morning. Those who participated in the event spent the night sleeping in cardboard boxes. ...

SJU to host first Shack-a-Thon event

Livia Paula, Features Editor

April 29, 2015

New York City is the dream destination for many people. When you watch movies that take place in the Big Apple, you usually see someone glamorously walking down fifth Avenue or going for a nice run in Central Park. However, this luxurious lifestyle is far from the reality of many New York City citizens. As...

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