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Let’s Get Thrifty: Jamaica, Queens Edition

Anna McFillin, Staff Writer

April 3, 2019

Filed under Features

Walking down the streets of Queens in my cheetah print faux fur coat, people often ask, “Where did you get your coat?”, to which I happily respond, “I thrifted it!” For a mere $20, my cheetah faux fur has been a successful head turner, while it was originally set at a retail price of $200. Th...

The old new: Thrifting in NYC

The old new: Thrifting in NYC

Loraina Calderon, Contributing Writer

December 7, 2016

Filed under Features, Home Scroll

Clothing is a way of self-expression and thrift shops have commonly been seen as the cheaper alternative to the mall, or a good way to get some nice designer pieces at an extremely reduced price. Shopping has contracted a type of taboo, that you either support the capitalistic nation we live in o...

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