Hey, resident students: stop whining already!

It was an unbelievable, sickening sight.
The clock read about 9:30 p.m. and the Homecoming 2000 party was supposed to start at 8:00. I peered through the window and all I saw was a mass of yellow jackets indicating the safety cadets were on the prowl. Marillac Terrace definitley lacked a party atmosphere.

I made my way through the supposed entrance without paying and immediately headed toward the table populated by Student Government. I sat down and asked where everyone was. It’s a question that we’re still answering now.

Not too many more people showed up for that party Oct. 27. It was an event that was well publicized by Mike Yetemian, School Spirit Committee Chair at Student Government. Flyers and posters were plastered all over campus about the party.

So what went wrong?

Did anybody notice the 1,400 people that occupy the far reaches of St. John’s University? Do they really exist?

On numerous occasions I have heard resident students complain that there is never anything to do on campus during the weekends. They continuously moan and groan about lack of activities, but when there is something to do no body shows up. Is there something wrong with that picture?

Student Government has done an outstanding job publicizing its events. Whether it’s a coffee house or party, hundreds of flyers are posted on bulletin boards in the UC and Marillac cafeteria. Unless you’re illiterate, which I seriously doubt, then those flyers are screaming about events.

The only thing that Student Government could have done differently that night was hold the party in the UC instead of Marillac. Unfortunately, the lights had to stay on, which I thought was ridiculous. Security reasons were cited for the move, but give me a break. Besides, I’ve seen parties work in Marillac before.
Last year’s Back To School party was held in Marillac and that attracted a good number of people. It could have attracted more people if those resident students would get off their bottoms.

I understand a majority of the residents who live in the tri-state area escape to their familiar dwellings on the weekends. Who could blame them? I would do the same after eating the same Montgoris slop for five straight days.

But what about those students that stay home every weekend? Midterms were well over by that Friday, so studying that weekend couldn’t serve as an excuse.

St. John’s still has a long road to travel before developing a great sense of school spirit. That will be something that I won’t have the pleasure of seeing before I graduate. It’s disappointing considering other schools I’ve visited through the years have what we desperately need.

I wish I had the opportunity to live on campus. Not only would I get more work done at The TORCH, I could afford to be at all the parties and sporting events on campus. What’s wrong with those resident students? Wake up!

It’s True, It’s True
For some bizarre reason I have yet to have a meeting with Fr. Harrington.

The last two years that I have been around The TORCH, I’ve seen each Editor In Chief have a meeting with Harrington. I always thought it was common policy for the leader of the student paper to have a nice sit down chat with the president.

Why hasn’t this meeting happened yet? I understand that Harrington is a busy man, but he does take time to meet with members of Student Government. So why am I being hidden from Harrington.

Of course I have my own speculation as to why a meeting has not occurred yet, but I’d rather keep it to myself.

On a lighter note, the student section at men’s basketball games desperately needs a gimmick. Now that I have returned to being a fan of the game after two years of media purgatory, I would like to lead the charge. I have a few ideas as to what can be done, of course borrowing from other schools. We have to start somewhere.