Crazy Clockwork Confusion


There’s an infinite number of reasons to be late to class. Perhaps you haven’t done the assigned readings, or maybe you only have seven pages of a ten page thesis.But whatever your reasons, time (and bad luck) seems to be the biggest enemy.

Recently, it’s come to The TORCH’s attention that a few clocks on campus show different times. Imagine for a moment that you’re walking from Marillac Cafeteria to class at St. John Hall. The clock in the cafeteria is ten minutes fast, leading you to believe that you’re already late.

As you enter the first floor of St. John Hall, you’ll notice that the clock in front of the Dean’s office is approximately eight hours off, leading you to believe that you missed all of your classes.

After looking into this strange phenomena, The TORCH, the official student newspaper of St. John’s University, decided to investigate. Here’s what we came up with.


“There’s a small percentage of clocks on campus that are connected to a master clock,” says Charles Schender, Director of Maintenance, TMC. The rest of the clocks on campus are “battery controlled.”

Schender goes on to say that “the clocks are manually and systematically changed on occasion,” but unfortunately they can’t all be fixed immediately. “Sometimes there’s a glitch and the clocks have to be manually reset.”