The Chatterbox

There are always moments in your life you wish never ended.

Moments of complete bliss and utter perfection. Moments when you wish the fabric of the universe would tear and the seamless sands of time would stop flowing.

Sometimes the moments last for minutes or hours. I suppose for some lucky people, they even last weeks.

And when you find these moments, you learn to grab hold of them. You do everything you can to let them last a bit longer. You wish for them, you pray for them, you even cry for them. You wait for these moments your entire life. And when you experience them, you know it, not just because of the exhilaration, but rather the deep sadness. The sadness of knowing the moments will eventually end.

It’s an empty feeling knowing you have to let the moments go – knowing that they will all end. It’s a lonely time, where there is no comfort, and when you can’t even look into yourself for salvation. It’s a lingering sadness that looms in your memory, drifting in the abyss of your mind.

Although with the sadness there lies a dormant hope. And with each new experience, each drive into unfamiliarity, you hope that you can somehow grasp it again; the simple moments of your life.

But they leave. The moments pass you by – and you’re left with nothing but tattered emotions and a blazing desire.

Some people give up. Some people don’t care, and some people continue to search. Because somewhere, deep inside, the moments exist and they really do last forever.