Student leader Sharon Badri

This time of year can be a daunting and tough experience for seniors about to graduate. But that’s not the case for Sharon Badri.

Badri, a senior and criminal justice major from Roosevelt, NY, has been preparing for this for a long time.

While she graduated from Christ the King High School in Middle Village, Badri knew she was going to come to St. John’s. “I’ve always wanted to go to St. John’s,” Badri said with a smile. “Living in Queens, you always hear about St. John’s – that played a huge role in my coming here.”

St. John’s was among only two colleges Badri applied to. “I was positive that I wanted to come.”

Badri was heavily involved in a tapestry of activities in high school, ranging from high school student government, to cheerleading to the National Honor Society.

Badri recalled something very interesting about her first day at St. John’s. “I was actually late to my first class, I mean, what a way to start your freshman year!”

Badri didn’t really get involved in St. John’s activities until the beginning of her sophomore year.

“Sophomore year was a turning point for me, I started off small. I just wanted a job on campus.” Her journey to find a job landed her on the steps of Sullivan Hall. “I went in, applied for the job, and got it.” Badri said.

I’m not sure why I wanted a job on campus” Badri confessed, “I guess I just wanted to see what it was like.” Badri’s job as a lab assistant helped in many ways. She was spending more time on campus as well as dipping into organizational involvement; she soon started to gravitate toward the Computer Information Club.

“In the Computer Information Club, I started as chair of the fundraising committee and also helped with [the club’s] newsletter.”
Sophomore year led to many breakthroughs for Badri, who was doing very well academically at St. John’s, for instance, making Dean’s List all though her four years at St. John’s. “I started to really get into computers.” Badri said.

Her job at as a lab assistant at Sullivan Hall became the catalyst for her to add another minor to her criminal justice major. “I’ve always liked law a lot.” Said Badri, who has plans to attend law school or graduate school.

“At the beginning of my junior year, I added a microcomputer systems minor because it made perfect sense. I loved law and I loved computers.” Both became her career aspiration. “I want to get involved with internet and computer law” Badri said. “People are using computers more and more.”

As junior year progressed so did the level of commitment. “Junior year was a little bit more demanding, with all the papers and research projects.”

Badri then began to become more active in both her job at Sullivan Hall and the Computer Information Club. “I became an orientation leader for the computer labs,” Badri said. “I also started to teach free computer literacy classes, open to the community.”

At the end of her junior year, Badri received the biggest surprise. “I was elected president of the Computer Information Club.” Badri said.
Becoming almost a permanent fixture in Sullivan Hall, Badri knows how hard it will be to leave. As as she describes what life will be like, she gives away one of Sullivan’s best kept secrets. “I’ll miss the 4th floor. There’s an incredible view up there. Sunsets, purple skies and a view of the New York horizon.”

Badri’s horizon of life has become clearer as the day’s progress and it’s no surprise she is entering the real world soon. “I’m prepared for life now,” Badri said, “I mean, I even paid attention in class.”