One Last Shot

Through the course of this year, I have learned many things and met many different people. Being a Resident Assistant has taught me that there are so many kinds of people in the world. I know some of you may be thinking that this is starting to sound generic, but I’m not referring to diversity or anything like that. I’m referring to behavior.

This past year as an RA was done purely for the experience; I live 15 minutes away and have a great family life. I thought I had a lot to offer the program and felt I could enrich the lives of residents. I think I achieved success, and for that I am truly grateful. I thank each and every one of my Third Floor Hollis-ites and all other residents that I have had an interaction with, because it is through you that I have been able to capitalize on this opportunity given to me. Whether it’s a lockout at 3 in the morning or someone coming back intoxicated, as annoying as it was to wake up and help you guys, I loved every minute.

This experience has been very personal, and I do not speak for any other RA. In fact, I know that each of our opinions differ greatly. Some RAs find this job trying at times, while others find it the easiest job in the world. Some love their residents; others might well loathe certain residents. Some put their ears and nose up to doors while others have a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil approach. There are just as many ghost-RAs as there are robo-RAs. There are those who are not available much and those who are looking to bust you. The dynamics, I think, make us human and truly exemplifies this university.

Many residents have said that this school is boring and there’s nothing to do. In response to that, I say that there are approximately 1,400 students living on campus and about 75 organizations. If you are not interested in organizations, which most of you are not, there are still plenty of people to meet. You might just lack imagination or creativity or maybe you just didn’t watch enough “Muppet Babies” when you were younger. Whatever the case, in this world of ours one should never be bored. Many residents are living off campus next year. Mark my words, about a quarter of those people will be scrambling back over the summer, trying to get a room because finding off campus housing is not easy.

Like many other situations in life, St. John’s University is only what you make of it. Most people I’ve spoken to have expressed dissatisfaction with this school and these are the same people who merely go to class and do nothing else. I challenge all students to take advantage of the opportunities this school offers.

I hope I was successful in painting a picture of what residence life at SJU is like. Anyway, I leave this school and it is definitely time to move on. I’m going to a Disney World internship for the fall semester and then will be pursuing graduate study in the spring. Know that I got it through St. John’s. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity (I’m referring to all venues I’m a part of within SJU) and good luck.