Housing Lottery No Longer Luck Of Draw

With the experience of the last two years behind it, the Office of Residence Life is listening to the students and trying to cater to their needs to make this year’s residence room selection process more efficient.

“Last year was extremely chaotic,” said sophomore Parin Patel. “Everyone had some type of complaint.”

Complaints ranged from long lines to not getting a particular room to confusion over which residence hall students were allowed to live in.

“We have heard everything [the students] have said. Most of the changes made have been based on the voices of student focus groups, as well as RHA [Residence Halls Association],”said Henry Humphreys, dean of Residence Life.

The entire process has been computerized to cut down on mistakes. “Everything will be done directly on the computer when the students come in. After they sign their housing contract, they will receive verification that it is all in the computer,” said Humphreys.

This year’s deposit has been lowered from $250 to $100. Many students could not put in a deposit last year because of their financial obligations.

This is no longer a problem because students are allowed to put down a deposit and participate in the selection process regardless of a their financial obligations.

This year, O’Connor Hall has been specifically designated for graduate students, seniors and juniors. Briarwood Hall and the new building “F” have been designated for freshmen. The remaining buildings will house sophomores, juniors and seniors.

“The system is definitely getting better. Since students around the same age and of similar interests are able to live together, it allows for less [chaos],” said Ming Hsu, a senior resident assistant in O’Connor Hall.

“There have been times in the past when one had freshmen and graduate students in the same room.”

Students agree. “It really seems to be improving,” Patel said.

“Students are no longer confined to live in a certain building. Even though there are some restrictions, there are still many more choices than last year.”

The selection process will take place in the Montgoris Dining Hall, as opposed to inside the Office of Residence Life, where it was housed last year.

Diana Devaney, a sophomore communications major, said that selection process seems to be more structured than in the past.

“There was too much confusion during the selection process last year and too many people left disappointed,” she said.

In an effort to keep the process organized, there will be separate times for males and females to select their rooms.

“This way it will not be as crowded and the lines should not be very long,’ said Humphreys.

“The whole process seems to be improving. It still may not be perfect, but it is certainly getting better,” said Devaney.