Hoobastank Hits Long Island

Let me set the scene for you. It’s Monday, Oct. 7, 2002. The place – the Vanderbilt in Plainview, Long Island. The crowd moshing, fist pumping, screaming on the top of their lungs fans. The bands – Greenwheel, Blindside and Hoobstank.

The doors didn’t open until 7 p.m., yet the fans were lined up around the building long before five. They were waiting in anticipation for the chance to run through the doors and rush the stage to be the fan closest and reach their arm out and be touched by a rock star.

The opening bands, Greenwheel and Blindside, set the momentum for what was going to be an amazing night. They played 30 and 45-minute sets, respectively, and constantly reminded the crowd that Hoobstank was right around the corner.

Greenwheel started the show off playing songs from their debut album, “Soma Holiday,” which entered stores this past June. Originally from St. Charles, Missouri, Greenwheel was formed in 1998 and just came off a tour with Our Lady Peace. Though there were technical difficulties, they did their job getting the crowd ready by rocking out to such hits as “Shelter,” “Breathe” and “Louder Than Words.”

The Swedish rock band Blindside took the stage shortly afterwards and immediately the mosh pits were formed. Over 200 people rushed the stage for the screaming antics of lead singer Christian. Christian also made his way to the crowd by standing on top of the barrier where he stuck the microphone in front of the audience and let them belt out the lyrics to their single “Pitiful” from their 2002 album “Silence.”

The moment arrived and for about an hour the 200 plus crowd were in complete bliss. Hoobstank took the stage for their first headlining show on Long Island. As lead singer Doug Robb pointed out, Hoobstank performed several times at the Jones Beach Amphitheater as an opener. The audience that night was there for a piece of Hoobstank history.

They opened with “Remember Me” and the crowd responded by singing the lyrics right back to the band loudly. At times, the crowd was louder than Robb.

The moshing continued heavily throughout the show. Fans were tossed back and forth and were jumping up and down. Some of the people must have left The Vanderbilt with a few bruises.

Hoobastank performed songs off their self-titled album, which recently went platinum. Band members, Dan Estrin (guitar), Chris Hasse (drums), Markku (bass) and Robb (vocals) rocked the stage. They jumped around, sang along and made the earth shake performing their hits, “Crawling in the Dark,” “Part of Me,” “Better,” “Hello Again” and “To Be With You.” They also played two new songs.

In the middle of the show, Robb propositioned the crowd to take part in two tests, an oral and physical exam. The crowd passed with flying colors belting out the lyrics to their current single, “Running Away,” and fist pumping and jumping through another of their hits, “Pieces.”

All in all, Hoobstank puts on a great floor-shaking live show. Many people doubt the capabilities of a band to put on a great show when they only have one album released. Hoobstank’s self titled album of 12 songs proved to be just enough to the crowd. They can definitely hold their own as headliners.

The only question left is when will they be releasing the next album?