The Multiple Uses for The TORCH

Although The Torch can provide students with a great deal of information about what’s going on at St. John’s, that’s not all it can be used for. Here is a list of some things that you can use your copy of The Torch for if you’re ever in a pinch.

Most people who live on campus aren’t big fans of doing laundry. It’s just not the same when you have to do it yourself instead of letting your mom take care of it. So, for those times when you run out of clothes, use The Torch to create a nice new outfit for yourself. It might just start a new fashion statement on campus.

Before you know it, it will be Christmas time, which means buying gifts and wrapping presents. Purchasing all those presents for people can be expensive enough. If you need to save a little money, pick up a copy of The Torch to use as a wrapping paper substitute. The paper will get the job done effectively and, at the same time, you can share some of the news around campus.

Another resource that can become scarce sometimes in the suites of the Residence Village is toilet paper. Most suites have experienced a time when they were out of toilet paper and no one could go get some more immediately. When that happens, The Torch is better than nothing. In an emergency, it might just pay off to have an extra issue lying around in the bathroom.

Ever need a door to stay open but you can’t find a suitable doorstop? Once again, The Torch can solve your problems. Just fold up one or two copies and position it properly and you’re all set. Your door will stay open and you won’t even need to search all over the place for an actual doorstop.

Whenever it’s raining out, you can usually look around campus and see more than just a couple of broken, discarded umbrellas on the ground. That means that there are people walking around campus getting wet because their umbrella just couldn’t hold up. This is another “feature” of The Torch. Just grab it, unfold and hold it above your head and you’re good to go. You’ll stay dryer than you would if you were just walking around campus a victim to the dripping drops.

These are only a few ideas of things that The Torch can be used for other than its intended purpose. So, be sure to pick up your copy so that after reading it, you have something that can help you out in a number of different situations.