Life in the Halls

It’s been nearly two and a half months since “Move-In” Day and everyone has settled into their new rooms. Unlike other schools where some dorms can resemble a state penitentiary, St. John’s is certainly on the higher scale of residence life. Students should consider themselves fortunate to be able to reside in such a comfortable living space within the newly built dorms. Unfortunately, with the many advantages of living on St. John’s campus, there are also a number of disadvantages that many students encounter during the first few weeks school.

Of course, particularly in Hillcrest, O’Connor and Century, closet space can be scarce. You would think that St. John’s would then provide more draws, but this is apparently not the case. Every now and then I’ll find a shirt lingering behind the drawers that I forgot I even owned because it had been pushed out by the other clothes jammed into one dresser. Next year, I’m bringing another closet.

St. John’s high speed LAN internet hookup allows students to use the Internet efficiently and has the ability to download anything almost instantly…25 percent of the school year! The Information Technology Center (a three ring circus) doesn’t always have the answers as to why the internet frequently shuts down. Many times I have to resort to playing solitaire as I watch my brand new CD burner collect dust.

Here’s some food for thought: I think there is a conspiracy taking place on campus in which St. John’s wants their students to pack on the pounds. The C-Store would rather stock up on junk food in which everything from king size candy bars to large assortments of chips are sold as opposed to providing a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, granola and fat free substitutes.

Another part of living on campus involves trying to figure out what to do off campus.

What can St. John’s students do to help relieve the stress caused from fighting with the Financial Aid Department? Have a drink at Gantry’s! If you really enjoy having your feet stepped on, waiting an hour for a beer that tastes like urine and hearing the same song repeated throughout the night, then Gantry’s is the place to be. Of course, there is a $5 cover charge for this bucket of fun, but everything has its price, right?

If this is not your scene, then you always have the option to walk a mile to Traditions. After the $10 cover charge plus an additional $20 for drinks, you can enjoy the sweat pit upstairs, where you can dance the night away and be molested in public! And after you take one too many Tequila shots, you can finish the night with a bang, literally, as your head hits the floor after tumbling down the stairs. St. John’s really knows how to party!

Living on campus at St. John’s University can be quite a traumatic experience but, at the same time, it can also be an experience that will be looked upon as some of the greatest moments in a lifetime. Stay tuned for further updates about living on campus.