Next court date set for Reynolds

St. John’s basketball player Grady Reynolds appeared in court Feb. 3 in regards to the charges filed against him last semester by athlete Rachel Seager.

According to reports, Seager stated that Reynolds pushed her up against the wall and dislocated her knee in an altercation last semester.

Reynolds was arrested on Nov. 17 and charged with third-degree assault and second-degree harassment.

Reynolds’ lawyers asked permission to view the school’s medical files and Student Life file in regards to Seager and the incident.

Judge Steven W. Paytner, who presided over the case, gave the lawyers access to some of the information they requested.

According to an article in the Daily News Reynolds’ lawyer, Oscar Holt, received some of the medical records but he did not comment on whether he received any residency reports regarding Seager and any previous incidents.

Holt also said he will consult a physician to analyze the records that were made accessible.

Paytner also set Feb. 18 as the final day for the defense to file a motion and March 4 as the final day for the state to respond.

Reynold’s next court hearing is scheduled for March 11. The hearing is the day before the Big East Tournament.

Holt also told the Daily News that as for any concerns that court obligations might conflict with postseason action for the Johnnies, “Being here takes precedent over anything else. This is a priority.”