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Q: I can honestly say that I never came to college with set
goals and an ultimate plan. But right now I’m really starting to
feel the pressure because it’s my junior year. I have a major and
everything it’s just that I’m not sure if it’s the right major. And
I don’t want to be in school forever, so I’m not gonna change it. I
don’t even like the class part of school; if it weren’t for the
social aspect of college, I wouldn’t even be here. What do I do?
I’m basically sunk for the rest of my life.

-Finding Me

Dear Finding,

This may come as a shock to you but a great number of your fellow
SJU classmates have absolutely no idea what they want to do. So, if
it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone. The fact that
upperclassmen have declared majors does not mean that they have
their lives planned out nor does it signify their happiness and
satisfaction within those majors. Although the administration would
hate to read that you “don’t like the class part of school” and are
only here for its “social aspect,” I am going to encourage you to
take that realization and run with it.

So, you don’t like classes. Then college may not be for you, for
classes are a major component of college life. If the social scene
is more your thing, then maybe you should try your hand at a job
that puts you in the center of it all like club promotions or KROQ
“street team” type jobs. However, I must also point out that you
may not find eternal happiness in such a position. Granted, those
jobs are lots of fun, but you will always be working under the
direction of someone else, and such a subordinate position can
ultimately become a pain. And this is where the importance of
college comes into focus.

Nobody (except an elite studious few) actually get a kick out of
going to class.

Lectures and labs are simply tedious means to a desirable end.
Everyone must pay their dues and do what it takes to earn the
degree that will hopefully put them in a position to do whatever is
that makes him or her happy.

So, don’t think of your unhappy confusion as being the final score
of the game. You’re just a normal college student.

Q: This is going to sound really weird, but I’m finding myself
attracted to a freshman. It’s really not that big of a deal; it’s
just that I’m a graduate student, and he is actually a friend of my
little sister – who is also a freshman. Is this normal and should I
pursue it? I don’t have to worry about my sister having a crush on
him or anything (I asked her and she told me she didn’t), and I
know for a fact that he is “of age” (He’s 18). When we first met, I
didn’t even know that he was a freshman. He’s articulate, and most
importantly, very mature for his age. I really like him. What
should I do?

-The Similiac Bartender

Dear Similiac,

You’re situation is quite common, and yes you should pursue it.

As long as the kid is old enough to vote, then that’s all that
matters – and even that is not all that important; you’ll just have
to know your limits and where to draw the line in the activities
the two of you do together. But that’s okay.

Because the boy is a friend of your sister, I really appreciate the
fact that you took the possibility of her having feelings for him
into consideration; that’s very thoughtful on your part. Since it
has been established that she does not, then maybe she’ll even be
willing to hook you up.

Bottom line: It’s not all that different from any other boy/girl
relationship. If you are attracted to this individual, do not let
an age difference turn you off.

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