Former SGI secretary fills vacancy

For the second time in as many years, Student Government, Inc. has lost its secretary prior to the start of the spring semester.

In both cases, a replacement secretary was chosen by the executive board from the available pool of SGI members.

Diana Lounsbury, a sophomore in the School of Education and the 2005-2006 elected sophomore senator for SGI, was awarded the position after both resignations.

In the fall of 2004, Jihan Allen gave up the position of SGI secretary because of the heavy workload she dealt with as a pharmacy student and the time conflict with an externship.

Most recently, Rachel Besharat, secretary during the Fall 2005 semester, was forced to resign after winning the presidency of her sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma. Student Government by-laws prohibit members from serving in the top four executive board positions of both SGI and another organization.

Lounsbury, who was only a freshman after Allen’s resignation, was selected by former President Louis Saavedra and his E-board in 2004 to fill the vacancy. At the time, the executive board cited Lounsbury’s dedication to the organization and enthusiasm for the position as the reasoning behind the decision, which made Lounsbury the first freshman on the E-board in SGI’s history.

Her 2004 appointment, however, was questioned by the voting members on the floor of government. The by-laws state that anyone elected to the office must have completed a minimum of 55 credits and must have served either one term as an elected member or committee chair with Student Government.

As a freshman, Lounsbury met neither requirement. However, the floor approved her appointment after it was made clear that the pool of possible replacements consisted of uninterested or unqualified parties.

Following Besharat’s resignation, Lounsbury was once again appointed to fill the vacancy.

“I was glad to take on the responsibility again,” Lounsbury said.

President Rich Masana cited her experience and dedication as reason for her renewed appointment.

“We know no one works harder than Di,” Masana said. “She’s extremely diligent. She goes above and beyond.”

In addition to losing their secretary, SGI also lost several committee chairs, including the public relations chair and an elections chair.