The livelier, better semester

As school began, students braved the awful weather to attend class. But, with the warm days of spring approaching, the terrible weather is not here to stay. Slowly but surely, the weather will grow warmer, the days will be longer, and the atmosphere will become lighter.

Sophomore Mary Cuneen says of the second semester, “It’s a lot more sunny and slowly gets warmer, which puts people in better moods and everybody’s attitudes get better with the slow but steady approach of summer.”

With warming temperatures, St. John’s students are able to actually enjoy their campus’ beauty as they commute to class. As the spring semester progresses, the campus blossoms as the ground defrosts and the trees regain their leaves. The Great Lawn will no longer be a virtual tundra.

The experience of the year’s second semester allows most students, especially freshmen, to grow more accustomed to campus life. People know where the buildings are, the most convenient ways of accomplishing their routines, and the realization of the University’s pros and cons.

Sophomore Antwan Duncan feels that ,”The class schedule is more favorable.” By the Spring semester, most students have gained the knowledge of what works best academically and socially.

Besides the substantial advantages that the spring offers, from weather to familiarity with the campus, the anticipation prior to the summer, a school-free season of sun, provides a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Unlike the fall semester, which is spent in anticipation of a month off for winter break, the spring semester is spent with days full of looking forward to almost four months of vacation.

The advantages of school in the spring is only trumped by the vacation time. For many students, the promise of spring break brings days full of rest and relaxation.

In addition, the second semester provides the advantage of obtaining status in established social circles. Finding a niche in this big campus is much easier after a semester of getting to know some new faces.

Second semester brings better schedules, closer friendships, and nicer weather. How can first semester beat that?