Build a spring break body

Everyone on campus is talking about exotic places like Daytona Beach, Mexico, Bahamas, and Hawaii, so I must guess that saying Spring Break is on our minds would be an understatement. There is something all these places have in common: the beautiful beaches and the hot bodies we are going to see on them.

Do you have your hot bod ready to catch some sun when spring break rolls around? Here are five quick tips you can implement right now to get you closer to a Spring Break Hot Bod.


Problem Areas Solved

To help fine-tune specific body parts, your workouts are going to have to be more frequent. The best way to get this done is to break your day into two halves. In the morning, perform a quick 15-20 minute workout involving weights done in a circuit. By circuit I mean doing one exercise after another without any rest. In the afternoon, get into classes such as kickboxing and spinning, which Campus Activities provide for all students.


Carbs: Friend or Foe

Carbs are not the enemy, but when you are looking to get leaner quickly, they can be. The best suggestions are that all your carbs should come from veggies such as broccoli, celery, spinach, lettuce, and cucumbers. Stay away from juices, candies, breads, and pastries.



Protein is your friend

Make sure every single time you are eating, you have protein on your plate. Protein can be egg whites, peanuts, chicken, fish, turkey, or low salt ham. Whenever you are eating, make sure that you have one of those things in your plate. Also make sure you are consuming five to six small meals as well.


If you are not drinking, you are not losing. It is important that you are drinking all day long, and I do not mean liquor. You should be drinking water all the time. A good way to measure if you are is by looking at the color of your urine.

If your urine is not crystal clear then get your Poland Spring on!

Drinking water helps in shedding weight, which is why if you are not drinking, then you are not losing.


Perform exercises that give you the best bang for your buck

With midterms coming there is no time to waste when you go to the gym. Perform workouts that can be done in a short, quick fashion and give you great results. Perform exercises like squats, pushups, lunges, shoulder presses and deadlifts.

Do not waste your time on the hip machines because you will be sitting there forever before you really see the results you want.


So what are you waiting for? Do not just read these tips; it is time to implement them.

You have less than four weeks to get your body ready for spring break.

Take action right now and I promise you will not regret that you did.