Devil’s Advocate

Dear Devil’s Advocate,


I am currently taking a class with a professor that I really don’t like, to say the least.

This teacher always seems to have it out for me, not matter what I do. She is constantly criticizing my work in front of the rest of the class and it is getting really embarrassing. I really can’t stand it anymore. What can I do?

– Absolutely Not the Teacher’s Pet


Dear Absolutely Not,


Alright, let’s get one thing straight first. Is this one of those situations where you complain about how your teacher is being so unfair and awful, but it is really the fact that you do not show up for any classes or do any of the work that is more than likely causing this behavior to occur?

If you can admit to some of this, stop reading now and first hit yourself for being a cry-baby. Then, suck it up, do some work, go to class and try your best to repair some of the damage you have already caused.

Now, if you are saying that the above does not describe you at all and that you are truly trying your best in this class, there are a few other things you can do.

If you seem to be the only person she is doing these things to in class, you could try to approach her about it. Be respectful to her, but tell her how you are feeling and ask her if there was anything you might have done that was a catalyst for this behavior.

It might just take someone pointing her own unfair methods out to her. Then she may stop them altogether.

That would be the mature way to handle the situation. However, it is likely that you fall into the 95 percent of the population who will find this idea downright preposterous. Go up to a professor and confront them about something in a civilized manner? Impossible!

If you are one of these wimps, just drop the class now and stop whining about it.


Dear Devil’s Advocate,


I am going to be graduating college in May and I already have a pretty good job lined up for myself. I am excited about finally getting out into the real world. The only problem is that my girlfriend is two years younger than I am. I feel like it is just not going to work out with us if I’m out in the business world and she’s still in college. Do you think we still have a chance to make this work or should I just end it now?

-Wondering Graduate

Dear Wondering,

Wow, it seems like you have pretty much written your girlfriend off and already made your decision.

You do not seem at all convinced that your relationship can work out anyway, so why bother?

Let’s get one thing straight first, though. It is your attitude that will ultimately kill your relationship, not the fact that your girlfriend is still going to be in college when you start your new job.

Yes, it will be a change that you two will have to adjust to, but it certainly does not have to be a deal-breaker.

In my opinion, it seems like you do not want to be in this relationship anymore.

Maybe you are thinking that you will have a slew of new female options to choose from when you are out and about in the work force and the thought of having to say “I already have a girlfriend” is simply too much to bear.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience new things in life and if that means having to break up with your current girlfriend, then so be it.

But do not be a spineless loser and try to claim that all this has nothing to do with you wanting to be single. Being that kind of guy is not exactly going to have all the new girls knocking down your door, trust me.