Student Sparks

 ”I don’t think that there should be strippers at parties at college. I think that’s the origin of the problem. Without that, things wouldn’t have gotten out of hand. It also gives the school a bad reputation with this type of thing happening.” Jenny Leung


“I think it all falls on the individual students. I don’t think it in any way reflects college life in general. It’s just the actions of a few idiots. It doesn’t have anything to do with being on a sports team. It’s not relevant. It’s just a bunch of guys hanging out and they did something stupid.” Sony Fortune


“It’s their word as lacrosse players at a reputable school against her’s, since she’s a stripper at a teenage party. It shows that no school is perfect. Here at St. John’s, we try to put on this utopian image like nothing ever happens, but it does. At least they’re addressing it and not keeping it under wraps. This happened and it needs to be addressed.” Antwan Duncan