Culture on the Catwalk, CSA style

Friday evening was a spectacle of glitz and glam with a dash of cultural appreciation. Blending together ethnicities within their organization, the Caribbean Students Association coordinated a fashion show that exuded both variety and attitude.

As part of Carifest Week 2006, the “Cultural Evolution,” CSA’s annual fashion showcase, which presented clothing of designers (many located in the tri-state area) added an element of what CSA represents – cultural diversity.

Carifest Week 2006 was also co-sponsored by the Campus Activities Board of St. John’s.

Held in Marillac Auditorium, CSA gave the crowd giveaways and several channels of entertainment, including pannist drummers and men on stilts. Even Gordon Harry and Ibrahim Hamad, CSA members and hosts of the event, energized the audience with jokes in between scenes and designer lines.

Opening sets included models in tie-dye, displaying flag scarves representing their native Caribbean countries.

Later, the show transitioned into enticing clothing from all parts of the world, including Japanese kimonos and dhotis (traditional dress for men in India) courtesy of Sajna, an Asian-Indian clothing line.

Other designers included Pela Designs; a line of urban style clothing in earth tones, each piece providing onlookers with a bold statement.

Seven other clothing lines were presented in the show as well.

Despite the delay, the organization delivered an exhibition that conveyed their motto, “divided by water and united by culture.”