Clips, Quotes, & Conspiracy of Sept. 11

A cloud of dust. An unscathed lawn. Holes that appear to be too small. To some these may appear to be random observations, but to conspiracy theorists those observations serve as evidence to a greater tragedy; the government planned Sept. 11.

That is what they would like the public to believe.

In the months following Sept. 11, people attempted to find an explanation for why it happened. Refusing to accept the alleged truth told by the government. They stockpiled photos, videos, and expert opinion, cutting and pasting together clips and quotes to form an answer they could accept.

The majority of these individuals are usually the same brand of folk who have examined the same four frames of the Zapruder film from President John F. Kenndy’s assassination. Obsessive, they stare for hours, blurry-eyed, until they find a sliver of ambiguity that corroborates the version of the truth they already formed in their minds.

Films like Loose Change scrutinize video footage frame by frame examining clouds of dust (which are actually debris and shattered glass), magnified pictures (where the resolution is low and the subjects are blurred) and testimony by “experts” (whose quotations are taken out of context) and present them as proof of their supposed conspiracies.

People who watch Loose Change should take it with a grain of salt, especially after one of the creators of the so-called documentary, Korey Rowe told Time Magazine in the Sept. 11 issue that Loose Change originally began as a fictional screenplay, “loosely based around us [Rowe and collaborator, Dylan Avery] discovering that 9/11 was an inside job.”

By no means should the American public stop questioning the actions of its government, the liberty to do so without being persecuted is one of the greatest freedoms Americans have. The problem with these individuals and their theories is the lack of a smoking gun. There is a counter explanation for every supposed flaw they find. The majority of the “evidence” presented is circumstantial at best.

The government failed the very citizens it is meant to protect. The intelligence on Sept. 11 was deeply flawed. Those are the truths and perhaps they are pills too difficult to swallow.