Fashion Has No Rules

We all know that fashion repeats itself. This summer could not have been any more of a blast from the past. This summer’s trends were directly from the years of the boom box, skateboarding, and break dancing – the 80’s.

Looks from the 80’s were leggings, skinny leg jeans, rocker tees, and flats. You may have even noticed that people are dressing brighter. These neon colors are just another example of our fascination with the 80’s this summer.

The single most stylish item this summer was the legging. This summer was all about pairing the legging with tunics and cotton dresses. Think LC from Laguna Beach in the June/July 2006 issue of Teen Vogue. This summer the length of the legging grew to nearly touching the ankle.

The Skinny Leg Jean was another popular item. Nearly every brand made a skinny leg jean this summer, such as DKNY, Beyonce’s House of Dereon, Lucky Brand Jeans, and Levis. However, these super cute jeans must be worn appropriately, with the right footwear essential to pulling off the look. In most cases, sneakers should be avoided, low top Converses being a stylish exception (think Ashlee Simpson in the “Invisible” music video). Pointy toe flats and ballet flats paired with these ultra trendy jeans are a match made in heaven.

The flats were, by far, the most popular footwear style this summer. The ballet flat is followed up by the patent leather flat and the pointy toe flat. Either way, you really can’t go wrong. In addition to the skinny leg jean, a popular way to wear the shoe was with a cute cotton dress. Think Teen Vogue issue May 2006. This trend should be lauded and taken advantage of: finally a stylish shoe that just happens to be comfortable.

Fashion always repeats itself making dressing up that much more fun. We can be creative and original while still enjoying the feeling of being in a different decade. We can be expressive, we can go all out with the retro high top Reeboks, or the electric eyeliner, or even the Mohawks or we can simply just incorporate a few key pieces into our everyday wardrobe. It’s all about expressing your own originality and twist to things.

Fashion has no rules; have fun with it.