Today’s society seems to be the age of new musical technology. The iPod alone has transformed the way we listen to music forever. Now, Web sites such as Pandora and Singingfish have the potential to create a new musical revolution. But which Web site is more accommodating to the common music lover? Is it Pandora, or is it Singingfish?

Singingfish is a multimedia search engine powered by AOL.
The Web site invites users with its friendly interface and easy to use search features. Singingfish is the largest audio and video search engine online today. Approximately 700,000 people use this Web site every day to search for audio and video.

Unlike Pandora, Singingfish allows you to access videos as well as audio; although both free, Singingfish gives you unlimited access to all types of multimedia, including news, finance, TV, sports, movies, and radio. Just like Google, Singingfish takes you to a third party site to listen to or view your selection.

Pandora continually streams users music similar to their tastes based on a single search; Singingfish, on the other hand, requires you to search specifically for an artist or song every time you want to listen/watch something new.

Singingfish shows you the most popular and most recent searches of the day, which Pandora does not display.

Singingfish also encourages its users to add their own audio and video to the site’s index by filling out a short application. By doing this, content is displayed for others to enjoy throughout the Web site.

Pandora is a Web site that allows you to create your own stations based on the style of artists you like. When you create this station, it not only plays music by that artist, but it also plays music by artists that are similar to the musical genre of the initial artist you chose.

It is there so that you will be able to discover new artists and more music related to the artists that you choose.

When you first go to visit the Web site, it only allows you to have one radio station at a time. Once you subscribe, which is free to do, you can store up to 100 stations by artists of your choice. Once you find the artist that you want, you are able to listen to a continuous stream of music until it states that according to licensing agreements, it can’t play more than a certain number of songs.

If you simply do not want a song to be played, you can go to the guide and check off that you do not want that song to be played anymore.

Pandora loves to hear feedback, so it is accessible to tell them if you love or hate the song being played. It is definitely a good way to find new artists as well as listen to old ones that you enjoy.

While both Web sites have their perks, ultimately we have found that Pandora is more visually appealing and is recommended for those who prefer to access the music that they like in an exciting atmosphere.

If you prefer videos or content other than audio, then Singingfish has a larger library for you to use. Decide for yourself, Singingfish, or Pandora?