Pros and Cons

Living in New York is not always as glamorous as it seems – especially as a college student. With this, however, comes a plethora of policies that make many students feel as if they are inmates in prison, not young adults in college.

St. John’s University, like many other universities in the country, has strict rules that residents are expected to follow. After a late night in the city, students must swipe their StormCard at the gate just to step foot on campus. If students would like to sign their friends into their dorm, the students may do so – as long as it is not past 1 a.m. (12 a.m. for commuter students).

The strict visitation policies do not end there. Residents are allowed to sign in only two people at a time. If students would like to have overnight guests, the privilege is given under the condition that their guest can only stay three nights per month. Overnight guests cannot be of the opposite sex or a resident student from a different dorm.

Some might argue, however, that adhering to these strict policies is a small price to pay since the University is located in the city that never sleeps. Students have access to many attractions, events and activities, a luxury that students at other schools, such as Point Park University in Pittsburgh, do not have.

“It’s hard being downtown,” said Jess Levo, a resident assistant at Point Park University. “Everything shuts down at seven and you can’t get into clubs or bars if you are under 21.”

In contrast, West Virginia University enforces many of the same, if not stricter, visitation policies as St. John’s. Residents are not allowed to sign in guests until 10 a.m., and any visitors that do not reside in the hall they are visiting must be signed out by 2 a.m. Overnight guests are not allowed to stay any longer than two consecutive nights.

Although these policies are strict and unnecessary at times, many residents share the same feeling, that the experience is overall a good one.

Students’ college experience should be a good one, but also a safe one. It is true that some of the policies are stricter than necessary and it often appears as though the students are being treated as they were in high school, having to report to bed by curfew. However, St. John’s has done an excellent job of keeping the campus safe, thanks to the many rules that so many students complain about.