Inferno Reviews: Incubus Light Grenades

After a two and a half year hiatus since their last album, A Crow Left of the Murder, Incubus is back with a new tour lined up and their 6th full length album: Light Grenades. In usual Incubus fashion, they hit their fans with an entirely new sound while still sticking with what they’re known for.

The first single off the album was released, along with video, online and on Microsoft’s Xbox Live service earlier on in the month to prep fans for the release. Entitled “Anna Molly,” it’s the one of the first two immediately catchy songs. It’s the most reminiscent of the Incubus of old (for longer time Incubus fans, think a fast paced, harder “Warning”).

The latter of the two instantly likeable songs would be the title track, “Light Grenades.” It’s a pumped up track, filled with plenty of Jose Pasillas’ melodic clashing on the drums and Brandon Boyd’s high energy voice screaming “Start lobbing the light grenades (that burst and blind them with the truth, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!).” It’s much like the Boyd of the Fungus Amongus and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. days.

The rest of the album, as previously mentioned, strays away from sounding repetitive, which has become a bit of a trademark for the California-grown boys. What really gets the new sound going: “A Kiss to Send Us Off.” While being the second track on the album, it’s not the actual leader, but will surely get the listener ready for what’s to come. A bit of a stretch to say, but it seems like this could be the next up for single release, in heavy contention with “Light Grenades.”

Included in Light Grenades is the Incubus love track, but this is noticeably different than the rest they’ve released on their studio albums before. “Love Hurts,” as it’s called, sets a certain mood with the title alone, but the somewhat sad lamenting turns into something very harmonious.

The lack of political underlay in Light Grenades really helps boost the album for what it is: simply an album. In Crow, lyrics such as “Hey megalomaniac! You’re no Jesus!” from “Megalomaniac” about our current president and blatant criticism about the media in “Talk Show on Mute” laid pretty heavy statements out on the table. Here, there are no apparent underlying tones, with perhaps an exception for “Light Grenades” (“No one’s immune, deafening bells, my God, will we survive ourselves?!”).

Overall, the Light Grenades is a step up and in the right direction from their last album. It’s a more mature, yet fun and energetic, sound. The album is a bit on the short side, around a total of 47 minutes, but keeps you into what you’re hearing the entire time. Although it may take a few listens to find out whether it’s something you’re hooked on or not, Incubus has delivered an album that’s respectable and pleasing for newer and older fans.