If you’re together

Every year, couples look forward to spending Feb. 14 in many different ways, especially in New York City.

Whether it is the taste of a big box of chocolates, the smell of red roses, a candlelit dinner or sweetheart candies with slogans like “Be Mine,” Valentine’s Day is full of benefits that all couples should take advantage of.

Couples could wait in line for two or more hours at a franchised restaurant like Chili’s or Red Lobster or take that special person to an “old-school” afternoon feast with soul food and music at B.B King Blues and Grill. The Grill is located in the heart of Manhattan on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. On Valentine’s Day it offers couples an Oleta Adams concert for $30, and for an additional $40, couples can share a bottle of Grand Laurent champagne and six chocolate covered strawberries. For more information call (212) 997-4144.

If you are in the mood for an untraditional Valentine’s Day, take your date to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, not to look and admire sculptures, but for a Watson Adventure’s Scavenger Hunt. Basically, the scavenger hunt consists of having couples walk throughout the museum looking for nude statues and figures that are described in the itinerary. It is an interesting, fun and unique activity for couples to do together. This adventure costs approximately $30 per person. For more information or to make a reservation, call (212) 726-1529.

If you are not really a “big spender,” take your lover to his or her favorite fast-food restaurant, White Castle. No, this is not a joke! This year, White Castle becomes Lover’s Castle, where couples will be greeting by a hostess at the entrance to seat you at a clothed table, featuring dining by candlelight and mood music to enjoy your favorite $.49 hamburger. The service will be on Valentine’s Day from 5-8 p.m. and reservations must be made by Feb. 10 by calling (718) 899- 8404 ext. 304.

Catching a cheap movie in Manhattan at Two Boots Pioneer Theater on 155 East 3rd St. (between Avenues A and B) can be just as romantic as any other. For a special screening of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, couples can catch the flick at 7 p.m for only $9.

Everyone has their own opinion about the so-called holiday. Some call it a “Hallmark-created” holiday, to keep their sales up between Christmas and Mother’s Day while others see this day to “suck up” to their significant other as a form of forgiveness.

For those skeptics of Valentine’s Day could endure a quick history lesson of pre-Hallmark Valentine’s Day cards from the Victorian era at the Merchant’s House Museum for $6.

Couples can also try having a barrel of laughs, but avoid becoming the topic of discussion at the National Comedy Theatre’s special Valentine’s Day show, House of Cards; call (212) 629-5202.

It may be too cold to go ice skating, but you could go out to The Rock Center Caf√© or The Sea Grill overlooking the rink. On Valentine’s Day, the Sea Grill will offer a three-course menu for $88 while The Rock Center will have a 3-course menu for $50 that allows the customer to pick and choose the dishes.

Although this is the only time of year couples are offered specials. this should not be the only time of year that couples show each other their appreciation. Enjoy Valentine’s Day and everyday afterwards.