Lovely Lyrics

Romantic comedy: a dramatic story where man and woman meet, have an argument and go separate ways, only to realize in each other’s absence that they are perfect for each other.

These movies are usually focused around true love and the idea that love conquers all. “Music and Lyrics” plays upon every one of these suggestions. Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) and Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore) meet under uncommon circumstances and their connection blossoms from there.

The main star of “Music and Lyrics” is Alex Fletcher, an aging pop star who can not pull himself from the past. Fletcher, part of 80’s synth-rock group, has not had a hit in years, and has subsequently disappeared off the celebrity radar.

Fletcher makes a quaint living by performing for middle-aged female fans (mostly moms) at high school class reunions and amusement parks. After being dropped from several of his upcoming gigs, Alex gets his first big break in years.

His manager, Chris Riley, played by Brad Garret, sets up a meeting with quasi-Buddhist teen pop sensation Cora Corman (Haley Bennett). If Alex can write a song for Cora in less than a week, he will be included in her album and on her next tour. There is only one problem: Alex Fletcher has not created a song in years, and has never written lyrics.

In walks Sophie Fisher, Alex’s quirky plant lady. Sophie’s knack for easily inventing lyrics inspires Alex to ask for her assistance as his lyricist.

Reluctant at first, Sophie finally agrees. The two sit in Alex’s apartment pairing melody and lyrics together while night turns to dawn, and sparks between them erupt.

The song Sophie and Alex are writing closely parallels the film’s story line. “Way Back Into Love” is used as a thinly veiled metaphor for their relationship. Sophie has just escaped a messy situation with an older man, Sloan Cates (Campbell Scott). She is afraid of falling too fast and being hurt once more.

Alex is either commitment-phobic or has no idea how to act in a relationship. Viewers are not given any glimpses into his past love-life (other than a horribly cheesy love song video entitled “Pop Goes My Heart”), so they must decide for themselves.

While “Music and Lyrics” is a suitable movie to see with a loved one on Valentine’s Day (its release date), it falls short somewhere. It did not leave a feeling of inspiration in any way. The adrenaline-rush usually felt when leaving the theatre was non-existent.

While the comedy fits and the cast is great, the storyline is terribly predictable and over-used. Think back to any chick-flick love story you have seen recently and apply it here. The plot is that of any recent love film of its kind, with small details changed around.

For those who prefer movies where the ending cannot be deduced before you even sit down in your padded theater recliner, do not waste your money. If minute details such as an expected ending do not bother you, then, by all means, take your honey to see “Music and Lyrics.”