Fall Semester Lecture Series Announced

St. John’s recently unveiled its 2007 Fall Lecture Series for both the Queens and Staten Island campuses. The series of discussions, co-sponsored by the Department of Student Life, Office of the Provost, Discover New York and Core Curriculum, Student Government, Inc. and the President’s Multicultural Advisory Committee, will feature various guest speakers up until November 28.

The lecture series will begin on September 12 on the Queens campus with “Baseball Doubt, Baseball Certainty,” featuring Kenneth Shouler, author of such books as “The Real 100 Best Players of Baseball” and “Why and Total Basketball: The Ultimate Basketball Encyclopedia.”

September 18 will feature three different lectures, all taking place during common hour. Education technology specialist Pelham Mead will present “How to use Pre-show classroom; creating podcasts of professors’ lectures,” while Greg Forbes Siegman will speak about “The First Thirty,” a book inspired by his life.

A lecture entitled “The U.S. Constitution: Issues that Could Make A Difference to You” will also take place that day, featuring a debate between St. John’s college democrats and republicans.

The Staten Island campus will house various lectures as well, such as “New York City and the ’70s,” presented by college professor James Weiss on October 25. Editor Patrick Jordan will speak about “Saint Dorothy Day,” also on the Staten Island campus.

Other lectures will be held at both the Queens and Staten Island campuses, such as Frances Mayes’ presentation of “Travel Memoirs; life in Tuscany; creative writing; poetry.”

The final lecture will take place on Tuesday, November 28, with “Powering up your Poster Presentation,” featuring speakers Creel Rioux and Stacey Kevin.
The entire schedule for the Fall 2007 Lecture Series can be found on www.stjohns.edu