What can students expect to see this semester and beyond?

Marillac Cafeteria

The newest additions to Marillac Cafeteria include Outtakes Quick Cuisine, Olo Sushi, Mama Leone’s, and Seattle’s Best Coffee, while Burger King and Taco Bell still remain. Marillac has also received a paint job, and has been reorganized, allowing for more space.

Montgoris Dining Hall

Students will now have the chance to experience interactive dining in Montgoris Dining Hall, thanks to Chartwells Pulse On Dining. Pulse On Dining will allow students to see their food being cooked right in front of them, as well as self-serve dining.

Library Cafe

Although the Library Café has been renamed Pura Vida, it still serves sandwiches and baked goods. But now, Pura Vida serves coffee from a nonprofit organization which donates its profits to children in
third-world countries.

Law School Cafeteria

The Law School Cafeteria has now
added Au Bon Pain soup. It will also feature a new pizza program called Red Storm Pizza. In the future, the Law School Cafeteria will be adding an organic company
to its food lineup, called Naked Pear.