Study Break

Many St. John’s students are disgruntled that midterm week is taking place immediately after their spring break.
Midterm week, held from March 3-8, follows spring break, which was held from Feb. 25-March 1.

“It is not fair giving us spring break before midterm week because either way we are not going to study since it’s spring break,” said sophomore Jose Cruz. “If the school gave us midterm week before the
break, a lot of students would actually pass the midterms with higher grades.”

Other students, like senior Tileah Saleem, believe midterms should be at least two weeks before or after spring break.

“It’s our break,” she said. “Let us relax instead of spending more time studying. Spring break should definitely be in the spring and not one month into the semester.”

But Dr. W.D. Harmon, director of the Counseling Center, said that holding midterms directly after spring break “gives students the opportunity to study more in a relaxed environment.

Junior Najah Weir said, “We are college students and we should be able to handle what is thrown at us.” She added, “We are not here to be babied.”

According to Joseph Capobianco, University registrar, the Academic Calendar for each semester is developed by the Academic Calendar Committee.

He said that they try to make midterms as “close to the middle of the semester” as possible.

Capobianco, however, explained that making the schedule for the second term is more difficult than making the schedule for the fall term because during the spring, there are two breaks-Spring and Easter.

For the spring semester, Capobianco said that the Academic Calendar Committee worked to “space the midterms in relation to both breaks.”

He added that each college within the University has a different policy on midterms and that only freshmen are required to receive a midterm grade.

Although some students may be feeling upset about midterm week, the University is offering services to its students, such as extended library hours during the month of March. In fact, every Monday-Thursday in March, the library will be open until 2 a.m.

Students can also visit the Counseling Center, located in Marillac Rm. 130.
According to Harmon, “Nov. and March [the two times a year midterms are held] are our busiest times.”

He said that during midterm week, counselors make themselves available and that they hold workshops on stress-reduction during common hour.