Torch Delights

I believe most of you would agree with me when I say, no other sweet satisfies more than chocolate. Theobroma cacao, the official name of the cacao tree, is Latin for “food of the gods,” and is the origin of sweet, irresistable chocolate.

With just a bit of chocolate, whether dark, white, or milk, your sorrows will fade away and be replaced with feelings of calmness and joy. Chocolate is not only known for providing a person with a reason to smile and appealing to the senses, but it can also be beneficial to your body.

A small piece of dark chocolate each day can help lower blood pressure, increase brain activity, and reduce the chance of having a heart attack. When eaten in moderate amounts, it is also an antioxidant.

All in all, chocolate is both healthy and scrumptious. Here is a chocolate truffle recipe for the chocoholic in everyone.
What You’ll Need:

Medium-sized bowl
Small saucepan
Whisk or large spoon
Parchment lined baking paper
8 ounces of semisweet chocolate chips
æ cup of heavy whipping cream
2 tablespoons of unsalted butter
2 tablespoons alcohol- rum, brandy (optional)
Coating for truffles
Cocoa powder, confectioner’s sugar, shaved chocolate or chopped nuts

What to do:

First, heat the heavy whipped cream along with the butter in a small saucepan over a medium heat until they are brought to a boil. While the whipped cream and butter are on the stove, pour the chocolate chips into a medium-sized bowl.

Immediately pour the boiled mixture over the chocolate chips. Let the mixture stand for five minutes without touching it so that it may cool. Afterwards, stir the mixture with a whisk or large wooden spoon until it is smooth. After the mixture is smooth cover the bowl with foil and put it in the fridge.

By this time the mixture should have become firm. Now take it out of the fridge and set it aside. Take your coatings for the truffles and put them on a plate. Now comes the messy part, but the end is rewarding. Using your hands, form the chocolate mixture into bite sized round balls.
After you have achieved the desired shape, roll it in the coating of your choice. Place the truffle in a container on parchment- lined baking paper. Repeat the step until all chocolate mixture is used.
Guess what? You’re done! Just stick the truffles in the fridge and keep them cool until they are ready to serve. You can bring them to room temperature before consuming or keep them cool. The recipe makes about 30 small truffles.