University celebrates Asian-Pacific Heritage Month

Various student groups of St. John’s, including the Asian, Korean, and Taiwanese Students Associations, the Vietnamese Cultural Organization, the Chinese Cultural Association and others, banned together to host a number of events throughout the week in honor of Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

One event was an Asian cooking event in the UC commons on Friday, April 18.

The event allowed students to taste different Asian cuisine and taught them how to prepare the dishes themselves. Food samples included Chinese Dumplings, Korean Ramen, Vietnamese Summer Rolls, and Chinese Rice Cakes.

“[This event] is a good way for people to learn about different cultures.” said student Yudika Cluade.

“The food lets people experience something different than what they’re used to.”Student Michael Blagmon also said he enjoyed the event. “The food is really good,” he said.

“It’s nothing I’m used to but it doesn’t hurt to try something new.”

Another event, held on Monday, April 21, was the community awards dinner and reception featuring musical selections, a dance ensemble, and an awards ceremony.

As the keynote speaker, Marcus Chueng told his message to the audience, which was a mix of students and faculty.

“Reaching out to a [new] culture can be rewarding and [can] help expel ignorance.” Chueng said.

“Everyone can learn.”

He added, “Walking together may be difficult, but expanding horizons is what college is all about.”

Other events in honor of Asian Pacific Heritage month will be held until May 2, including an end of the year luncheon on Thursday, April 24 and a self-defense workshop featuring Asian Martial Arts on Friday, April 25.