Exclusive ‘Sex and the City’ cast interviews

Torch: Can you describe the process of the film’s production?

Michael Patrick King: “First of all, it starts with the megafan, because that was the first thing that was in my head when I started to write. I was like: the fans. And that was the first voice I had to quiet because I think they’re so smart and so present. And the other trick is that the girls are still on television now, so there’s a lot to sort of wrangle in my head as sort of, how do you do this again and how do you make it different? And I knew that the big mistake would be to try to pick up exactly where we left off because I believe that the girls, the girlfriends of these girls, meaning the fans, have all continued. They evolved or they got married, or they have two kids, or they’re divorced, so these girls just reflect their fact and I think that’s one of the things that’s popular about the show, that it mirrors. The reflection should be real, so I knew I had to move the girls forward because I knew I had four actresses that could certainly hold it up and look amazing, and they are amazing. And the other thing that I realized was I had to look at all the series episodes again and then I said ‘Oh I can’t do any of that.’ Because that one thing I tried to do on the series was not repeat what we had already done. So I knew, ok, it has to be a new arena, which lead me to where they are all now. And I knew the big story was literally in quotes, ‘the Big story.’ That was the thing that anyone who ever had a thought; but the finale did sort of complete a completed feeling. Everybody seemed happy and that’s another piece of jeopardy. It’s hard to create a finale that everyone is actually happy with on television. There’s been a lot of flak of being people disappointed and when we got away with it, I was like, oh we’re going to start again? The idea was that it would be the series would have to be now, not then.”

Torch: What do you think the fan response will be?

MPK: “I think that hopefully, since it was made for them, I tried to put in as many buttons as I could, as many joy buttons as I could for them. Hopefully they’ll like it since it’s their four girls and there’s surprises. I think they’ll most be happiest about is that there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end to it. It’s not a cheat, it’s not a dodge. It’s like here’s a story; you’ve been waiting to see it and here’s a story. Hopefully they’ll enjoy it and participate in the journey.”

Torch: The show ended on such a great note. Were there any hesitations over the movie?

Chris Noth: “Well it was 4 years between it. No, I was always in good hands with MPK. And after 4 years, believe me, you’re not going to get that kind of writing that often. You’re just not; it’s a bone yard out there. Let’s face it, there’s some good stuff, you’re luck if you are part of something that wants you. For an actor, it’s all about the writing. And if you have that kind of a cast like we do. But you know, I did listen to all the things going on outside whether it was going or not. I was kind of doing Criminal Intent; I didn’t want to get my hopes up or have my expectations shattered so when it happened, there were no hesitations.”

Torch: Do a lot of people go “Mr. Big!” on the street?

Noth: “Oh God yes. All day, 24/7. Yeah, you know, but what are you going to do? That’s the first thing, you’ve lost control.”

Torch: What character do you think you relate to the most?

Cynthia Nixon: “I think I relate to Miranda the most, though I think I have a large gullible streak, which is very like Charlotte.”

Jennifer Hudson: “Charlotte. She’s this wholesome traditional girl, and I’m pretty traditional. But there is all those things that I see in the other ones, like Miranda to me is strong and independent, and I feel like I’m like that.”

Kristen Davis: “I used to say Charlotte but I think now I kind of feel like Carrie. I’d say Carrie because she’s still kind of searching, trying to figure out, you know, certain things. And I love how she’s always questioning; you know she’s a writer, so she’s always trying to analyze and question, and trying to figure out her place in the whole mix.”

Torch: Are you happy with the way the movie turned out?

Kim Cattrall: “Oh my God yes. I can’t wait to see it with an audience. I saw it in a screening room with 5 people who were holding their breath. So I’m really looking forward to seeing it because you know, it’s for the fans, well it’s for us to because we had such a great time doing it, but to get the audience reaction because you know the characters but you don’t know where they’re going. And I think we left on such a high note and I think to reach it and go beyond, it’s great.”

Torch: Was there anything else you would have liked to have seen added to the movie in terms of your character?

KC: “It’s so hard to say. I mean, I was having so much fun that I just wanted to be able to do more. I felt kind of bad that whenever I had to do a phone call, I would say ‘Damn I wish I was in that scene. Why do I have to be on the West Coast?’ Not that I don’t like L.A., especially Malibu. I just always felt that’s what’s so great when the girls get together, there’s always a celebration. Then they go to Mexico; that’s my favorite part. I also liked the way he ended it. There’s more possibilities for more Samantha in another decade. But we’ll see how it goes.”

Torch: Did you like the addition of an assistant?

Sarah Jessica Parker: “I loved her! She’s so lovely on screen, and she’s so buoyant and youthful. And off-screen, as much as on, she wanted so much to be there. It’s funny that a (26) year-old can come onto a set and play a role that’s about being young and still bring this really maternal quality to Carrie’s life. And to also remind her character, of Carrie, what she was 20 years ago and what the city of New York promised. And her song is so good!”

Torch: What was the writing process like for the movie song?

JH: “Oh wow, that was a project actually because Michael was not going to pick just any song. And it took a while. There had been talk of me doing a song for the soundtrack, but it took a while to find that song, that special song. And I think it’s worth the while because I think it’s a perfect fit. I like the way that they tied fashion and love and made a song out of it, which equals Sex and the City. And to me it’s just the Sex and the City song. It was written Cee Lo and someone else; I can’t remember the name unfortunately.”

Torch: What was so attractive about the role having not been such a big fan of the show beforehand?

JH: “Well, one, it was Sex and the City. But what I liked most was it didn’t require singing and I could just act. It was a great platform for that. And it wasn’t too big of a role. You know you don’t want to try something huge for the first time. It’s just the right size. It seemed like a perfect fit.”

Torch: What was it like reuniting?

CN: “You know it was so crazy. My very first day, the day that we were all four shooting together, we were walking up Park Avenue and it was so crazy because there were hundreds of people there and they were screaming our names. It was wild; we never had anything like that before. But it was really joyous. It was scary, you know, teetering on our heels and we’re trying to walk in unison, we’re trying to ignore all the people, like armies of people, umm, but I have to say it was really joyous and I feel like we just went right back in.”

Torch: Was there anything more you wanted?

KD: “Not really. You know I was a little surprised by some of the things that were on the screen. Somebody asked what I thought we were going to be rated and I thought we were going to b
e rated PG (laughs). That’s how silly I am, you know.”