Quick walk down memory lane

A year’s wait is now over for rock fans, as The Academy Is… has finally released their latest album, Fast Times at Barrington High. The album – a follow-up to their critically acclaimed Santi – should come as a relief for long-time fans, as its sound stays true to what fans have come to expect.

Fast Times At Barrington High is a trip down memory lane both lyrically and musically. Although the album is reminiscent of the band’s debut release, Almost Here, with upbeat tunes and melancholy stories, there are some instances when the listener experiences something entirely new and enthralling that was not present on the past albums.

Fast Times At Barrington High tells stories relating to high school and the typical teenage turmoil involved with those times.

It tells a story of love, letting go of the past and present and seeing what the future holds, and the fear revolving around those two actions.

With memorable lyrics such as, “We’re forever young,” from the track “Summer Hair=Forever Young” and “These mistakes are just part of the ride,” from the track “Coppertone,” one can tell that The Academy Is… is sending out a message on maturity and the hardships young people are dealt while growing up.

Although the lyrics are much simpler than those from the album Santi, and the music itself resembles that of former band Blink-182 and The Starting Line, it is impossible to write off this album since the listener is able to relate personally to every track.

At first listen, the album may seem shallow. But you have to look underneath the surface and decipher the lyrics to encounter its soul.

Music is truly beautiful and unique when the people who listen to it can make it personal, and with this album one doesn’t have to be in high school to relate to the stories of today and yesteryear.