New Twist on Slasher Films

In the ’80s, slasher films were at an all-time high, and their popularity was even higher. There was Michael Myers’ terrorizing of Haddonfield, Jason Vorhees reeking havoc at Camp Crystal Lake, and Freddy Kruger killing us in our dreams.

Now more than 25 years later, My Bloody Valentine introduces a whole new twist on horror movies, allowing gore-hungry movie-goers to experience all the blood, gore, and nudity that make a slasher film good, but in 3D.

The film begins with a loosely told story of a mineshaft incident in the town of Harmony, where five miners were killed due to an inexperienced worker’s accident. This brings us into the story of how our gas mask-wearing killer has come about. We find out that the only survivor of the incident was Harry Warden, who went into a permanent coma, and now seemingly wants revenge.

One year later, on Valentine’s Day, he wakes up and brutally murders 22 people with a pickaxe before being killed and buried by the two senior police men that knew the story of the case.

Now, in the present, Tom Harmony, the miner who caused the accident, returns to town to sell the mine. Wherever he goes, the incident follows him, whether it is violence brought upon him from the townspeople or the war within himself that is slowly eating away at him. Tom also has some other skeletons in his closet, like feelings for his ex-girlfriend Sarah, who is now married to the town sherriff, Axel. Axel, meanwhiule, thinks Tom may know a little more about the murders than he leads on.

After the events of one evening, where a man dressed in the same garb as the killer brutally murders two people at a hotel, Tom, Sarah and Axel think that Harry Warden may have returned from the dead.

By using the modern 3D technology that has become popular in movie theaters over the last couple of years, My Bloody Valentine gives horror fans an experience like none other. Yes, it may be a gimmick, but that only adds to the storyline that seems to keep your attention and makes you wonder about the killer’s identity until the final showdown where he is revealed.

Jamie King, alongside some other small-time actors, tries his hardest to make the film’s script endearing and compelling, while avoiding the overacting that has become a staple in most modern horror movies. Chock full of blood and body parts, My Bloody Valentine will definitely catch the attention of B-movie and slasher film fans, as well as shock and scare thrill seekers who are looking for a good midnight movie.