Citifield seats will be available to SJU students

March 5, 2009

Students concerned that the New York Mets’ announcement of a sellout means they’ll miss the inaugural baseball game at Citifield between St. John’s and Georgetown on March 29 need not worry.

According to the Mets, the 45-minute sellout announced on referred only to 30,000 tickets that were released to the general public. But the brand new stadium in Queens holds 42,000 people, leaving 12,000 seats for distribution to Georgetown, St. John’s and various charities.

Though the exact number of seats that St. John’s will be allotted is not yet final, members of St. John’s University athletic department were at Citifield yesterday to decipher what facilities the University and athletes would need during the game.

“Whatever St. John’s needs, they will get,” said Billy Harner of the Mets media relations department.

The University says that they will provide some way for its students to attain a seat to the historic game.

“Some portion of the ticket allotment will be made available to the student body,” said Dominic Scianna of university media relations.