PR students hold drive for unwed mothers

In these economic times, help has proved itself hard to come by, but the St. Johns community is there to aid local area mothers.

Jane Paley, assistant professor of Public Relations, teaches a class specifically to help those less fortunate. Her Public Relations Campaign class, which consists of all females, is helping to raise support for “Momma’s House,” a group home in Long Island. The class is holding a drive to collect badly-needed supplies for babies and their mothers.

“The Momma’s House girls are dedicated mothers with dreams and goals to be successful in life, so as a class of all girls, we want to try and make their lives a little easier and to recognize their efforts and determination to their kids, and dreams,” said Angela Virviescas, a junior.

Momma’s House is actually four group homes accommodating 17 mothers and their babies.
These young ladies, despite harsh circumstances, are continuing their educations or vocational trainings, which were halted by early pregnancy. MetroCards have already been donated to the women for convenient travel to and from school or work.

“The purpose of this initiative is to support the mission of the University which is to help those in greatest need,” said Paley.

The class is working with Academic Service Learning staff as well. Academic Service Learning allows students to apply the principles they learn in class to better the community.

The Momma’s Lil’ Helpers Baby Drive will accept donations of paper goods, household supplies and toiletries. Faculty, administrators and students are asked for things such as linens, crib sheets and diapers.

Students can easily pick up extras that they would normally buy for their
own use.

“We know these items are easy to contribute,” Paley explained.

At the end of April, the class will host a lunch reception for the mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day. The moms in attendance with their babies will receive gifts to pamper themselves.

Donation boxes dispersed throughout the campus will remain up until April 21.

They are located in the Office of Residence life along with RA offices of all the residence halls, Campus Ministry in Marrillac Terrace, Community Relations on the first floor of Newman Hall and the Deans’ Office on the first and third floors of Bent Hall.